World-class Rieslings from the Finger Lakes

Not All Rieslings Are Sweet

You like wine, but you don’t like having to choose a wine.

There are too many choices and too much pressure.

What if there were one wine that you could choose almost all the time?

And you know it be great.

It would go with any kind food

Your friends would like it.

It would not be too expensive.

But is there such a wine?

Yes, there is.

Dry Riesling

Yes. Dry. Riesling

But you thought that all Rieslings were sweet. Nope.

But isn’t Riesling a kind of “girlie” wine?  You are going to be with some guys, and they are not going to go for it.

Riesling is the most popular wine in Germany, and you think the people that make Mercedes and BMWs are girlie? No.

Is the German World Cup soccer team girlie? Definitely not.

Riesling is not a girlie wine.

But you like to buy an American wine? Great! There are many dry Rieslings made in America.

In fact, some of the world’s best Dry Rieslings come from America, from the Finger Lakes. Where?

The Finger Lakes. In NY.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine named a Dry Riesling from the Finger Lakes one of the world’s Top 100 Wines in 2014.

Boundary Breaks Vineyard Dry Riesling #239.

Give it a try. See what Dry Riesling can do for you.

Go to the Boundary Breaks website and order some Finger Lakes Dry Riesling. See for yourself.

Dry Riesling. The Finger Lakes. Boundary Breaks.

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